30 Minute Adult Add-On

Newport Beach / Bakersfield

$ 75 30 minute session

 This session is non-refundable.

This is a 30 minute express massage session. We work on the injured/problematic area within the timeframe aloud.
This service can be added on with other services or a stand alone appointment after a consult has been completed (must be an existing client)

Includes: Therapeutic Services/Recovery/Post op & Pre op surgeries/preexisting Injuries/Reiki healing
*Deep Tissue
*Soft Tissue
*Graston Therapy (scraping)
*Electric Stimulator
*Cup gliding
*Trigger pointing
** Not all of these services can or will be applied. This is upon the discretion of the therapist or within the 30 minute timeframe . **
Please be advised cupping marks lasts 7-12 business days, (sometimes 20 days) Recommend: Arnica Bruise cream to remove the marks. Sensitivity & soreness may last 3-5 days or less, (may not have any soreness) Drink lots of water, and inflammation may occur after treatment.

**It is up to the client to inform the therapist of any injuries, surgeries, allergies, the amount of pressure they can or cannot handle before & during the session, if they do not want any of these services to be applied and or if they do not wish to have any pictures or videos for records & or promotions to also please inform the therapist.This is not a full treatment and we cannot guarantee a permanent fix but to help as much as we can & please be advised we consult & treat to the best of our knowledge without a MRI & or CT scan.