Lymphatic Massage/Drainage

Newport Beach / Bakersfield

$ 100 single session

Newport Beach / Bakersfield

$ 265 3 sessions

If you have not have a prior session with ZMT Recovery before, please book a NEW CLIENT ADULT CONSULTATION + TREATMENT appointment instead.
This session is non-refundable.

This is a 60 minute slot that factors in pre and post prep, depending on your unique needs. Your actual massage time will be 40 minutes as we factor in 10 minute pre prep and 10 minutes post prep for clients.

Includes: Therapeutic Services/Recovery/Post op & Pre op surgeries/Reiki healing
*Deep Tissue
*Soft Tissue
*Cupping/cup gliding (only if necessary) away from the surgery (this is mainly for tension in the traps from the stress/trauma your body endured after the treatment.
*Graston Therapy (scraping) almost like wood therapy

** Not all of these services can or will be applied. This is upon the discretion of the therapist. **

***Please be advised you will be undressed & draped (draping- as best as possible). A female therapist will be attentive and performing the treatment. You can be sure we are very professional & offer reiki healing to ensure the client is getting a healing touch & positive energy.
** Sometimes; not always- after the surgery, a client tends to go through some sort of depression & that’s the energetic positive frequency we instill into our clients.
*** The client may have two therapists in the treating room depending on the surgical procedure, the client had got done.
*** It is up to the client to inform the therapist of any draining “has or is occurring,” of any allergies, the amount of pressure the client can or cannot handle before & during the session, if the client does not want any of these services to be applied and or if they do not wish to have any pictures or videos for records & or promotions, or to waive there right to allow the procedure as a training method with our other therapist but of course we will ALWAYS ask/double check with the client if it is ok to do so but if the client does not wish to allow any of this, to please inform the therapist.

We cannot guarantee a permanent fix but to help as much as we can & please be advised we consult & treat to the best of our knowledge